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Events, Programmes & Workshops

Campden members can attend a variety of different events held throughout the year in major cities of the world. Our members meet each other either within their home region or further afield at Campden Member Only Briefings, Campden Wealth Conferences, IPI Forums, Roundtable Discussions or at Member Only Co-Investment Workshops.

Campden Member Only Briefings

We run various member only briefings in major financial cities around the world. The Briefings are closed-door events held exclusively for our members and content is driven by member interests and concerns including succession planning, investment startegies, alternative investments, real estate, philanthropy and impact investing.

Campden Wealth Conferences

Campden Wealth will host 16 two-day conferences throughout the world covering family business, family office and wealth management issues. These intimate, closed-door events feature family members and family office executives sharing their experiences and expertise through case study presentations, interactive workshops and panel discussions.

IPI Forums

IPI will host four two-day forums each year, held in New York & San Francisco. IPI Members are invited to hear distinguished keynote speakers and engage in intimate breakout sessions which address a wide range of wealth management issues.

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable events are independent, closed-door peer-to-peer forums, tailored to the objectives of an exclusive partner. These intimate gatherings enable the world’s leading family business and family office leaders to share their ‘knowledge and experiences’ on proprietary topics in a safe environment. Capden Wealth members will be invited to attend these events throughout major financial cities.

Co-Investment Workshops

These workshops are member-only events offering a forum for exchanging private equity-style co-investment opportunities across diverse sectors and geographies. The workshops will be held in London and other major European cities.