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Family Co-Investment Club

Delivering Value Through Partnerships

Founded at the request of leading family-owned companies, The club will provide an independent forum for exchanging private equity style co-investment opportunities across a diversity of sectors and geographies. As a member of Campden,  you will receive automatic membership to the Family Co-Investment Club.

The club’s primary purpose will be to provide a global forum for the exchange of ideas and deals - for families seeking co-investment from other families for a particular project or deal and for families looking to invest capital in other families’ deals.

By sharing industry knowledge and financial risk, members can leverage their own resources as you work in partnership with other members in originating and completing a wide variety of investments. Membership will provide three unique benefits:

  • Discreet access to off-market, cross-border, proprietary deal flow via attendance at 4 annual workshops
  • Peer-to-peer networking and information exchange with like-minded active liquid investors from around the globe in person in a safe harbour environment
  • Access to a private online forum to access deal information, share investment ideas, list of pre-screened and recommended advisers and member chat forum

Who can attend?

Attendance is restricted to Principals, Family members and CEOs of Private Family Offices (unaffiliated with any bank or financial services firm or corporation).


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