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An Active Online Community

Memberlink® is a secure online platform through which members can connect with one another in a totally private environment. This channel allows members to gain invaluable insight into the experiences of fellow members on topics as diverse as manager fees, trust terms and other family wealth and succession planning issues.

An overwhelming number of IPI members have at least one member of the family active on Memberlink®.

On average 36% of those online ask or answer a question, while 64% read and learn.

Private Messages and Requests For Connection are added features permitting off line dialogues.

Request For Information—this due diligence tool enables investors to remain anonymous while asking for specific information online.

Memberlink® also includes access to a panel of professional advisors, who, while not usually attending programmes with investors, often provide valuable and topical content. It is important to note that these professional advisors cannot see or access member details or initiate conversations. Families and private investors remain in the driver’s seat determining with whom they wish to speak and interact.