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Peer Networking and Education on a Global Scale for Families of Substantial Wealth

Campden Wealth incorporating the Institute for Private Investors (IPI), is the pre-eminent wealth membership club for;
Multigenerational business owning families
• Families of substantial wealth and their family offices
• Private Investors.

By joining the Campden Wealth Membership, you become part of a global community of over 1,300 family members from 30 countries.

Campden Wealth Membership provides networking opportunities and unrivalled support to families and their next generation through;
Global & regional family wealth events
• Online communication with members around the world
• Co-investment workshops
• Member profiling and connections
• Research, reports and intelligence
• Mulitgenerational education programmes.

Members join Campden Wealth to:
Become better stewards of their wealth
• Benchmark against peers
• Make better decisions for their family legacy
• Build trusted friendships and relationships

We honour the trust of our members by restricting access to and participation in our community. Membership is carefully controlled on a qualified, by invitation-only basis. There is a written code of conduct to which all members must adhere.

Our membership proposition includes complimentary entrance to all Campden Wealth events held globally, our targeted investment-led roundtable discussions and member only Briefings held in major cities around the world, automatic membership to our Family Co-Investment Club, online membership through Memberlink®, proprietary Research & Campden FB & FO publications as well as preferred rates on our Generational education programmes.

We invite you to inquire further to see if membership is relevant to you or your family.

1. Who can become a member of Campden Wealth?
Campden Wealth Membership is dedicated to providing independent information, education and facilitation to principals, and family members of ultra-high-net-worth financial and business-owning families, whose annual revenues exceed £100 million, as well as Senior Family Office executives and independently wealthy individuals with a net wealth that exceeds £50 million.

2. How does Campden Wealth maintain confidentiality of its members?
Contact data is kept private and not released to anyone without the expressed permission of the member. No membership lists are published.

3. Are there membership requirements?
Yes. All potential members are qualified by Campden Wealth or recommended by a current member. All members sign a Code of Conduct and agree to certain established norms of the membership community. These are the two ways through which we protect the integrity of the membership.

4. What is Memberlink®?
Memberlink® is Campden Wealth’s online community where members connect with one another, research relevant topics and stay abreast of upcoming Campden events by navigating the various sections of the site.
• Online Community
• Calendar of Events
• Handouts and Recordings
• Surveys
• Advisor Updates
• RFI (Request For Information)
• RFC (Request For Connection)

5. What is Campden Wealth’s online community?
Investor Conversations are a private, password-protected community for private investor members on Memberlink®. Nine out of ten families have at least one member of the family participating. Topics cover a wide range and provide a chance to question and learn from fellow members’ experiences. There is a new question posted almost every day and on average, each question receives two replies.

6. What events are available to Campden Wealth Members?
Over twenty events are held each year around the world, each addressing specific interests of investing families, family businesses and/or family offices. Please click here for an overview of the events in 2016/2017. Membership includes entrance to all Campden Wealth events, member only Briefings, x1 IPI Forum, Co-Investment Workshops and Roundtable events.

7. What other resources are part of the Campden Wealth Membership?
Campden members receive two popular Campden Wealth publications, Campden FB [Family Business] and Campden FO [Family Office], which are published quarterly along with more frequent online bulletins. Members may also receive in-depth research reports on family office trends, wealth preservation strategies and socially responsible investing. These research reports often focus on a region, i.e. Europe, North America and Asia while others are more global in perspective.


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