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The Private Wealth Management Programme

Cass Business School, London, United Kngdom
29th June - 3rd July, 2015

No matter if you are transitioning leadership from one generation to another, selling a business or simply trying to make better decisons regarding you family's wealth, this immersie, five-day course will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve your wealth management goals.

This distinctive Cass & Campden Wealth experience uses class lectures, interactive casework, and participant's personal experiences to increase your depth of knowledge in key areas of wealth management and prepare's you to apply it to your own situation.

Whether the wealth arrives predictably or suddenly, many families find financial decision mkaing to be a major challenge. A joint effort between Cass & Campden Wealth, the Private Wealth Management Programme is a five day course designed to help your family meet the complex challenge of wealth asset management, held in the City of London.

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  • Acquire practical wealth management, business strategy & investment knowledge and skills from a world-class faculty
  • Develop a greater understanding of modern portfolio management theory, asset allocation, family governance, manager selection and wealth transfer
  • Connect with a group of peers who face the same issues as you in managing substantial assets through a neutral platform for the sharing of experiences and exchnage of ideas


  • Individuals and families who are facing orhave experienced a substantial liquidity event
  • Family members whos family is in transition from illiquid to liquid assets
  • Individuals and families with inherited wealth
  • Financilly sophisticated individuals who seek a more disciplined strategy for today's markets
  • Individuals and familis who are seeking a strong academic programme to help them manage their wealth


Historical Returns in Markets                                Performance Measurement and Manager Selection

Modern Portfolio Theory                                       Alternative Asset Classes

Asset Allocation                                                    Family Governance

Family Offices                                                       Benchmarking

Real Estate                                                           Wealth Transfer and Succession Planning


Stephen Thomas
Professor of Finance & Course Director, EMBA Proramme

Andrew Clare
Professor of Asset Management & Associate Dean, Msc Programme

Nick Mansley
Visiting Professor of Real Estate

Jonathan Fry
Visiting Professor of Wealth Management

Dr Nick Motson
Professor of Finance


The use of a 'living' case study compels participants to come to terms with a wide range of investment issues that directly impact all families of significant wealth.

The Currency Family is a family participants will recognise and identify with immediatley. The family confronts chnages as the patriach retires from the operating business and the next generation assumes more leadership. The family's investments need attention both in terms of asset allocation and manager selection. At a meeting of the family, they will address asset allocation, rebalancing, risk measurement, investmnet policy, manager selecto, evaluation and monitoring.

In small teams, participants will address each of the post 2008 challenges facing the Currency Famly, make their recommendations and, at the conclusion of the programme, present their solutions to the entire class.


Cass Business School uses simulation technology to revolutionise classroom teaching, combining traditional learning methods with hands-on experience - simulations are built to mirror reality. As part of the programme and specifically the live case study, participants will have the opportunity to explore different investment strategies and experience the consequences of their actions and decisions in a realistic environment. Making a series of asset allocation decisions, based upon a range of economic and financil market indicators, the aim is to generate the best risk adjusted returns.

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